Help Hero

Built in just two months, this after office brainstorming session turned into a Defold beta competition winner.

By UKNYX Studios

Illustration: Help Hero fight

The Story

We always have a passion for making games that are unique and fun which leads to a great user experience. Everyday after the office hour, we sit together, have dinner and discuss the idea of a game. We were in the process of game concept development when announced The Defold Beta Competition. There're only 2 months left for us. We spent a month brainstorming for game ideas. We switched the genre from Brain Game to Puzzle to Action to Rock-Paper-Scrissors to RPG. Finally, we have got the unique game that looks like a rhythmic game but it is absolutely not a rhythmic game, with 1-on-1 duel battle at its core as well as an old-school fantasy theme. The main character is a hero who is going to save the world. Anyway, you are not the hero, you are you who just lend him a hand. Thus we have got the name, Help Hero. "For unknown reasons, you know the next moves of enemies. So, Help Hero to save the world!"

The Process

Now we had only approximately 1 month left to submit our entry. Saturday and Sunday are primary working day for the game. And thanks to the new year holidays we got more time to work on the game. Yay! After the game concept was finalized it's time for a real work!. Our artist began to sketch the concept art for characters, environments, UI and the look and tone of the game. At the same time our programmer began to play with Defold. Basically Defold is very simple to use. It comes with its own Editor and uses Lua as a scripting language.
“...we can quickly get the answers from the very active Defold Forum, many times by the Defold's core team members itself.”
There is a little learning curve to help us thinking in Defold way. After getting to it everything work nicely and smoothly. We occasionally have some quesions about Defold and we can quickly get the answers from the very active Defold Forum, many times by the Defold's core team members itself. The artist can effortlessly create and do experiment on particle effects in Defold. Illustration: Help hero talk Along with its seamlessly build system that requires no target switching (iOS, Android, HTML5, etc etc), it helps us to iterate and test the ideas faster. We have been working on many iterations before we settled for the look and tone of the game to ensure that we got the right UI and the best user experience possible. Right now, we have core game mechanics and a playable demo. We are still working on story and content development, more story, more characters, more enemies and more bosses! Also more polishing for the game, such as a tutorial, gameplay balance and story cutscenes. We are aiming to release Help Hero sometime in 2016.

The Team

At Uknyx, we are 2 game developers. Pisit Tangkoblarp, the programmer and Poramed Chonrattanakun, the artist. We just form our team and focus on developing unique and great quality game. We would like to thank our friends for helping with the game, Payont Permsith for the music and Nutthapol Orpipath for the story.

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