Crazy Sorting Factory

Guru Games based in Skövde, Sweden, originally started out with PC games and has now included its first mobile title; Crazy Sorting Factory.

By Guru Games

Illustration: Sorting factory menu

The Story

The idea for the game came from one of our designers during his time as a game development student. During one of his classes he got the assignment to prototype a “one button game” and after a stroke of inspiration, Crazy Sorting Factory was born.

“The engine itself is pretty straightforward.”
It has been a while since then and even though we have been busy with other projects since founding the company, this idea has been lingering and we have been waiting for an opportunity to take that prototype and make an actual game of it. Now we finally found that opportunity after releasing our first game as a company and we are very excited to see how we can fare on the mobile market as well.

The Process

Working with the Defold engine has been going well, with a bit of adaptation time as it’s a brand new engine with its own quirks and ways of thinking. We have noticed some infancy issues but that is to be expected at this stage and it’s nothing that can’t be handled.
“The mobile workflow in particular has been a joy to work with...”
The mobile workflow in particular has been a joy to work with since you can quickly try your new implementations without having to wait for long compilations that just eats time. The engine itself is pretty straightforward and converting the entire prototype of the game from Unity to Defold did not take much time at all, we quickly got the core features up and running. Not to say that the prototype or even the gameplay itself is particularly advanced but it still went a lot faster than we had initially expected. Illustration: Sorting factory game This easy creation of the core mechanics gave us more time to test and implement many of the surrounding features such as level selection and GUI. As this is our first attempt at creating a full blown mobile game that will release on multiple platforms we’ve had to work with small but frequent iterations and trial and error to create the functionality that the market has come to expect from these types of games. From an artist point of view Defold has been easy to work with, particle effects have been fun to create and tweak. We have not had any major issues with implementation or creation of the visuals.
Illustration: Sorting factory team

The Team

Guru Games consists of eleven highly talented and hardworking Artist, Designers and programmers, all former students from the University of Skövde. The company is an award-winning, self-owned studio that was founded in 2013 and has since then worked mostly on single player first person games. In May the company launched Magnetic: Cage Closed, a first person puzzle game on Steam. Crazy Sorting Factory will therefore be the second game from the studio this year, and their first mobile title.

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