About us

Defold is built from the ground up by developers who have experienced their own pains in making games a reality.

The team in the Stockholm office

Defold office at Apelbergsgatan, Stockholm (Sweden)

Most great products start in a garage

All you need ​to create great things​ is a small number of creative​ people working passionately to fulfill a dream. Defold is no exception. Except that the garage was Ragnar’s small apartment, where he and Christian worked around the clock to create the game engine of their dreams. And even though the team has grown with a number of talented people over the years (and the studio apartment is now a proper office), the spirit and passion is the same.

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Our mission is to enable the world to create brilliant games and moments of magic. And we do that by creating the best free, light-weight game engine for efficient and collaborative game creation.

Stockholm is our home

Stockholm is the location of King’s first studio, and now home to two offices, so Stockholm holds a special place in King’s heart. Defold is today housed in King’s second office together with the cutting edge Genesis studio that create many of King’s new games.

Our second home - King in Stockholm (2:23)

We’ve added lots of functionality thanks to our users

You create the roadmap

Since Defold shares office with King’s cutting edge Genesis Studio we get input every day from artists, game developers, and game designers. Our team is also very active on the Defold forum answering questions, listening to feedback, and following developer diaries by real users making games with Defold. All feedback helps us create a better roadmap for the future.


Our promise

Performance is our #1 priority
100% backwards compatibility
A new release every 2 weeks

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